About Me

photo-7I started this blog because I wanted an incentive to write more often and a place to store that writing. I believe words are meant to be shared. The blog title came about because with kids running around sometimes all I can write is a line. At a time. But it’s better than nothing. My goal for my blog, and for my life really, is to capture moments.

I find other people’s “About Me” pages terrifyingly witty. I’m really not very funny, except when I’m not trying to be. I guess that’s one statement “about me.” Here are a few more:

  • I wear a lot of hats–mother, teacher, writer, short-order cook, etc.–but this blog is for the writer me.
  • I write mostly creative non-fiction and some poetry. I like to mix and match…poetic prose is where it’s at! I also do some freelance journalism and blogging.
  • My husband and I have lived on four different continents. We’ve moved to 8 different living spaces in as many years. Yet ultimately I’d call myself a homebody. A lot of my writing deals with this conundrum. We’re now in Vermont with no plans to move…but I hope I keep writing!
  • I have 2 kids–a boy born in 2009 and a girl born in 2011. They are pretty cute–you should see them splashing each other in the bathtub.
  • I would almost always rather be outdoors.
  • I’m interested in sustainability and food, and someday hope to have a giant garden that can actually feed my family, à la Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.
  • Every Christmas since I was four, I have asked for–and have had yet to receive–a pony. My new neighbors have horses though, and I get to ride all the time, so I think in a way my wish has finally come true.

Contact me at serbaughman <at> googlemail <dot> com.


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