Winter Walk

The snow is coming wet and fast tonight– perfect time for a walk. We hit the college trail with A. bundled in M.’s jacket and Ike running after deer. A. was cozy in the pack, but he always turns his face to the sky when the snow is falling. Like me, perhaps, there’s something he loves about bad weather.

We were the only people on the trail. Most tend to wait until false spring hits– or until the day after a big snowfall, when the sky is a piercing blue. But I liked how the snow spurted against my camera lens. The only tracks in front of ours came from deer and cross-country skis.

After the walk there were steaming bowls of soup and mugs of cocoa at Roast and Toast, and the cold became a memory.


2 thoughts on “Winter Walk

  1. You captured it wonderfully Dear.

    Wish we had a hike planned tomorrow; instead we are off to Herrenberg. But then, I guess Germany isn’t all that bad.


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