Getting his feet wet

A. had his first swim lesson tonight. I was not surprised he loved it, because he has always enjoyed his baths. He took to the pool easily, with no fear. He kicked his legs, slapped the surface of the water, and reached for the rubber toys and balls the instructor pushed his way. He is such a wiggly, active boy that I could not always follow the instructor’s advice to keep our babies hitched to our hips. A. often wanted to face outwards and tackle the water head-on. After class, we lounged briefly with other parents and babies in the hot tub, where A. happily shared his thoughts on swimming as follows: “Dadadada. Aaahhhhh. Bababapapa.”

He will be even more excited next week when grandpa, a former competitive swimmer, joins us in class!


2 thoughts on “Getting his feet wet

  1. I have fond memories of taking A.’s mama to the YMCA for her swim lessons-she became a very good swimmer so this bodes well for A.’s success in the water.

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