Sitting Still

My son does not sit still. We go to the library “lap sit” programs and he neither sits nor remains within the general vicinity of my lap. My little adventurer! I burn lots of calories chasing after him (did you know some babies can crawl faster than an adult can run?). My high school cross-country team got shirts one year that flaunted the law of physics: “A body in motion remains in motion.” This describes A., perfectly.

Here’s the exception: animals. A. is fascinated by animals and can sit very quietly, watching them or touching them, for a very long time. Moving in with my in-laws brought us much closer to Pond Hill Farm, so we can visit more frequently. The other day, A. sat and watched the chickens, thoroughly entranced. He loved the roosters’ crowing (that makes one of us) and often extended a beatific hand in their general direction, as though blessing them. A. is already learning how to behave around animals– quietly, confidently, and with reverence. I didn’t have to teach him this; he learned on his own that shrieking around dogs is unproductive.

The cows, sheep, pigs, and goat were also popular, but none inspired so meditative a stance as the chickens.


One thought on “Sitting Still

  1. You watch A. more closely than I do.

    Also, your concise words truly conjure images.

    I laughed out loud when you said that only one of you loved the rooster crowing.

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