Is the iPhone Spiderman?

by mattjb on Flickr

I know the iPhone is cool and all, but can it defy the laws of gravity? Read on…

I had to drop some chapbooks off at a colleague’s home, so I set off with the dog, the baby, the books, and of course, my iPhone. We pulled up at the front door and I called my colleague to let him know I was there. After a brief tour of his home, I headed out to put A. down for his afternoon nap. Remembering I had seen a few new voicemails pop up prior to my trip, I reached instinctively into my purse for my phone and came up empty-handed.

I didn’t panic–  walking around with a baby in tow, I’m forever stashing things in odd places (a map of Germany once ended up in the bottom of a diaper bag; I finally found a “lost” debit card in the pocket of some shorts I rarely wear). I rifled through the purse several times, then the diaper bag, then the trunk of the car. I looked under the seats and in the side door compartments. I knocked on my colleague’s door and he checked the house for me– nothing.

This was starting to get weird. I headed home anyway, assuring myself halfheartedly that I’d find the phone in yet another strange place. Briefly, I imagined that in the ten minutes it took to tour my colleague’s home, a masked burglar had dashed past the high hedges surrounding his estate, ignored the stately, historic brick house filled with antiques, and made a beeline for my used Toyota with the German Shepherd in back. I imagined calling my phone later and hearing a thick, ragged voice cackling on the other end of the line. “You vill nevair find your precious iPhone,” the voice ominously vowed.

I drove home hastily, going just a bit too fast and taking corners just a bit too sharply. When I arrived and used a home phone to call myself, I was both relieved and baffled to hear my iPhone’s unmistakable ring. The darned thing was somewhere in the car. I combed through all of the places I’d already checked and found nothing, but the phone kept ringing. Finally I went around to my son’s side of the car and there, perched on the very corner of the car’s roof, was my iPhone. Somehow, it had stayed intact throughout a twenty-five minute car ride down curvy country roads (think high speeds, gravel, pavement, potholes, etc.).

I don’t know if it was the sticky Speck case I installed that kept it glued to the car or if Steve Jobs, whom many regard as a superhero anyway, managed to infuse every iPhone with some of his personal powers, but whatever it was, thank goodness for it!


4 thoughts on “Is the iPhone Spiderman?

  1. Lucky day for both of us – I arrived at work, got off the motorcycle, and found my laptop precariously lying at an angle on *top* of the saddlebags, not in the saddlebag.Whew!

    1. Dad, that is hilarious! It certainly supports the theory that Steve Jobs lends special powers to Apple products, though (isn’t your laptop an iBook?!).

  2. Sarah–
    I LOVE this! I want to take a second to thank you for encouraging me to write–as I read these, and as I prepare for RCWP. I have forgotten how much I enjoy it, and how necessary for me to do! I’ve done more writing in the last two weeks than since college–the first time around! Thanks again!

    1. Becky, that’s terrific. I’m really glad to hear you’ve been writing more. RCWP is the perfect program for you…you’ll be writing all the time! Enjoy!

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