No more internet!

We’re leaving the hotel today to settle into our apartment, but won’t have internet at the new place for another week or so. Next week I’ll be able to access the internet now and then when I’m at school in the mornings, but otherwise contacting me will be fairly difficult. Our local Skype number definitely works, so feel free to leave messages, but I won’t be able to respond consistently until we get internet at home. We don’t have telephones yet either, so we’re basically under the radar for the next few days!

Our new apartment is quite comfortable and it feels good to get it set up. But even with my father here, I’m amazed at how much longer all of this takes with a child, and how much more tiring it is. Furthermore, it’s hard to know how much effort to invest when we don’t know how long we’ll be here. We’ve run across a few U.S. military families here (there are several bases in Stuttgart) and I can’t imagine how it must feel to have so little control over where you live, to have to be ready to pick up and move at any point. Last night I told one military wife I admired her, as I had a really difficult time moving. “Oh, I hate moving,” she said. “I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever get used to.” She and her husband were being sent to the U.S. after three years in Stuttgart; neither one of them wanted to go. She is pregnant and due in January; their daughter is starting second grade in two weeks and will thus have to be “the new kid” twice in a matter of months. When we arrived at their house to pick up a couple of couches, the husband was snapping pictures of their light fixtures in preparation to post them for sale on an English website here. When they first moved to Stuttgart, he’d invested two solid days installing creative light fixtures all over the house. Now, they have to come down one by one.


6 thoughts on “No more internet!

  1. Hi Sarah, Matt and Aaron,
    Glad to hear you’ve made it and are settling in your new apartment. Change is usually a challenge, but I’m sure you three will capture its energy for a fun adventure.
    Your friend from Petoskey,

    1. Thanks, Ken. I like the way you put that– “capture its energy for a fun adventure.” It’s true that a great deal of outcomes depend on how we choose to react to certain situations. I’m doing my best to “channel the challenge” for the best and use it well.

  2. Matthew, Sarah and Aaron,

    I read your friend Ken’s comments from Petosky. He reflects my sentiments relative to the new apartment and the challenge of change. At 57 years old change still “stretches” me and stretching is sometimes a bit painful or a least takes an effort beyond the comfort zone.
    Aunt Gale and I are prayerful that your Stuttgart experience will be a positive adventure that you can look back on in later years with a smile of reflection.
    Say hello to all.

    Uncle Jerome

    1. Uncle Jerome, thanks for your comment. I don’t pretend to be an expert with change…though I’m only 31 I still feel “stretched” by it. However, it has also been really fun for me to speak German again and be immersed in that. I do have fond memories of connections with German I forged in childhood and it is nice to experience those again. Thanks for your prayers and I look forward to keeping in touch.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    guess where I am? No, not in Stuttgart but in Karlsruhe, 50km away.
    I get the feeleing from the blog that you and your family are doing just fine. So, do not listen to sob-stories otherwise ………. you know the outcome. We also had moved often, but everytime took the approach THIS IS WHERE WE WILL STAY. It helped us to plan our life w/o the nagging question ….when. Do what you can and enjoy it.
    Call me if you can at 0162 157 6257

    I like Germany


    1. Hans, I can’t believe you are in Karlsruhe! Any chance you will swing by Stuttgart? I just put your number in my phone and will give you a call tomorrow. I like your approach to moving; it seems the only sane way to do it. “Wherever you go, there you are.” And since tomorrow is not promised us, the best plan is to enjoy what we have. Thanks.

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