Essay Published in Hippocampus Magazine

I’m thrilled to have one of my essays in Hippocampus Magazinea wonderful online magazine devoted to creative nonfiction. The essay reflects on a particularly scary time during my pregnancy with my daughter (fortunately, everything turned out well).

Click here to read “Hands on My Belly”


2 thoughts on “Essay Published in Hippocampus Magazine

  1. Interesting. I can relate to so many things here. The needing isolation, yet shouldering the weight of unknowing with another soul, so moving. And then the “I’m going home…” and leaving the other behind. I knew I would live a healthy life, and my roomate was walking the long journey of more cancer treatments that didn’t look promising. Beautifully written my friend and so glad the girl was determined to get into your lives. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for reading, Kathleen! I didn’t realize you’d had a similar experience. Leaving my roommate behind was really hard. But it ended happily– she gave birth to a healthy girl, and just recently a little boy as well. We won’t forget the Ralf family’s assistance during that crazy time, either. Puppy Ike is eternally grateful.

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