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  1. Dear Sarah,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog which then led me to an excerpt from your book which led me to Suite 101 essays; two of which I printed off for Bea how would like to following in your and Matty’s footsteps by teaching English in foreign worlds. This will be a welcome piece of “reality” as an old family friend told her this summer that “an idiot could teach school overseas — you don’t need a degree for that!” I wanted to strangle him!!! But I digress… your writing is amazing and makes me, once again, long to honor the passion I have in my heart for education. Also, I will purchase a copy of your collection of essays as I cannot wait to see how the walk on Sturgeon Bay ends with friend Carrie. Your style of writing feels like a warm bath — just the right temperature. I am so happy for you, Sarah. You and Matty have created such an interesting and groovy life. I wish you nothing but happiness and wonderful, new adventures in Germany. So happy I found you. xoxoxo’s Cathryn.

    1. Cathryn! Thank you so much for this message, and for your love and support. Let me know if you can’t find the book at Horizon or M&E, and I’ll find a way to get you a copy. Regarding your misinformed family friend…I think he/she is probably thinking of teaching English as a Second Language overseas? While I’m pretty sure this kind of job does require a college degree, it doesn’t require a TEACHING degree, or a specific English or ESL degree, so to speak. Yet, teaching regular high school subjects (such as math, history, English, etc.) in international schools, which is what Matthew and I have been doing in China, Bolivia, and now Germany, definitely has rigorous requirements. These schools are looking for people with college majors in their subject areas, valid teaching credentials, and preferably advanced degrees as well (such as a Master’s). Either way, I doubt either position is cut out for “idiots.” Living and working in another country takes some effort! Bea would be wonderful for it!!

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