A collection of my creative non-fiction essays was a winner in the Michigan Writers Cooperative Press 2010 Chapbook Contest and was published in April 2010. You can read an excerpt here.

“Rich, lyrical prose, at once dream-like in its imaginings and firmly rooted in the powerful landscape that is Northern Michigan, Sarah Baughman’s essays create a verdant tapestry woven from fibers both outside and inside her pregnant body. They invite you in, and even when you have finished reading them, you don’t want to leave.” — Marcy Branski, Co-President, Michigan Writers Cooperative Press


The last copies of the initial signed print edition are available in Michigan at McLean & Eakin (Petoskey) Horizon Books (Petoskey, Traverse City, Cadillac), and Wild Raisin Gallery (Fife Lake).

5 thoughts on “Chapbook

  1. Thanks, Christy! I “tweeted” you recently about how much I enjoy your website…and we will certainly be using it in the coming months.

  2. Hi Sarah:
    We look forward to your upcoming visit to Red Cedar. You chapbook is excellent and I really appreciate you sharing it with our writing workshop! It will be a treat.

  3. You’re a talented writer. Your clean, smart prose carried me from the first to the last sentence of the excerpt.

    (Just felt like I was writing a review, lol).

    Seriously, though, awesome.

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